Only 2 Things a Woman Needs to Burn Fat Fast!

Only 2 Things a Woman Needs to Burn Fat Fast!
Only 2 Things a Woman Needs to Burn Fat Fast!
Are you a woman who is very desperate to lose weight fast? Then I am sure you have fallen for those bold weight loss ads which get published in women's magazines one time or other. These ads make you believe that you would lose weight in just a week or two with the recommended diet programs. Fact is you would lose only your time and money instead of weight.

These ads are very well-tuned to a certain demographic. Usually educated women belonging to middle and upper classes who want to lose weight fast with the least effort on their part. There are many women, young and old, who are very desperate to lose all the extra pounds as fast as they could.

Naturally, any diet program which claims to fulfill their desire would attract them. What they don't know is that such diets are good only for a few days. You would be losing weight rapidly for the first few days after which, it would be an upward trend, aka weight gain. Plus if you ever thought that popular celebrities recommending these diet plans actually use them, you are wrong again. Keep in mind that since celebs are paid big bucks to endorse certain products, they do it. However, they know it very well that since their career prospects depend on their physical fitness, such diets are of no use to them.

While I cannot say that the diet they personally use is one of the best, they definitely don't follow such unhealthy fad diets which work only for the first few days. They have personal fitness trainers and nutritionists constantly at their beck and call; as such, they probably know their stuff much better than you do.

Nevertheless, weight loss needn't be expensive and complicated. If you don't have big bucks to spend on your fitness like your favorite celebs do, don't worry. Weight loss is pretty simple. I did not say easy. I said simple.

To lose weight, we need to monitor two things. What you eat, how much you eat, and at what time: It is obvious that you cannot expect to lose weight while eating junk foods; as such, junk foods have to go. You should start munching on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of chips and cookies.

Eating healthy foods is not just enough; you also need to monitor the amount of food you are eating per day. Eating too much of healthy foods can also prove to be unhealthy for you! You just need to eat enough, and then stop eating.

Next, is how much you exercise, and how often. Exercising is very important for weight loss; anyone who told you anything on the contrary has most probably lied to you. No matter how much you monitor your food intake, some extra calories would still find their way into your body.

The only way to burn these extra calories is by working out regularly in the gym. Besides burning calories and fat, workouts also help you build strong lean muscle mass, which in turn help you burn even more fat and at a faster rate. Now in my case the gym is twenty (20) miles away, in on the far side of the city, from our home. So for me Walking up and down our road is our major exercise.

How long you exercise is very important too. You should neither exercise for too short or long a time. You can honestly get away with just thirty (30) minutes of exercise per day if you do it daily. It is neither healthy nor recommend to exercise for several hours at a stretch per day; such a workout regimen puts too much unnecessary strain on your body and make you tired. I should have shared this prior. You must consult your family doctor prior to and after starting any program.

Okay, if the gym scares you, there are other easier and more enjoyable ways to burn the fat. How does the prospect of daily walking, running or swimming sound to you? How about dancing, or playing basketball or tennis? Any of these activities would help you burn fat.

Well, ladies, this was a very brief article and a couple pointers to help you start losing that weight. I trust it has helped. My wife is not a big fan of diet and/or exercise. Now if she can do this you can do this. Thank you for your time.